Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Story Dungeon 3 (LEGEND)

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The one tedious dungeon that comes outta nowhere. I thought that the default track gets stale real quick so I replaced it with a lil something. I wish that full remix of Theory of Beauty was released somewhere but I don't think I ever found a clean version of it, it seems like such a waste to only use it for one scene.
Track used:
Special thanks to Hannya Tier members: eks2009, MiyuRon, xtr33mreaper, Nathan Johnston, Satoshi Yagami, sniper712, Rufus, Dylan Ridings, axeo seilez, Kaizer Redgrave, when idiots play games together, Kei Naoyuki and MadDogMajima7, Lisa Medcalf, Marta Valentine, Lm Ao, Amy Green, AndyLaozKid, Speedwagon1809 and Shino.
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