Wolcen - Melee build (UPDATED) | After nerf

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ENDGAME BUILD UPDATE: Testing after patch in 187+ SOLO. How does the spec perform now in the 187 rift? As expected, not as fast as before. 00:55 changes to the bleeding edge node, 01:56 changes to gems in rings/belt, 02:38 rift opened, 03:17 mini boss one, 07:13 mini boss two, 18:35 final boss fight begins, 23:23 final boss dies, 23:35 final thoughts.

SMALL CHANGE TO THE BUILD: Switch the node for bleeding edge "Unstoppable Momentum" with "Will-o'-the-wisp". Bleeding edge ailments now switch to Burn / Stasis (SWEET). I think switching to 2-hander might also be ideal in the future. Assuming I can get dodge chance higher, the 2-hander swap might allow for a much higher damage threshold now. (original build before the nerf: - more links for the build are listed below)

Preliminary testing suggests it might be MORE optimal to skip the mini bosses, and only clear side areas / vendor spawn / final boss. The mini boss HP is too high now relative to our damage output. It feels a LOT slower now. The final boss with 84 million HP took almost 5 minutes of rolling around to DPS down. Still need to test Untainted runs.

I also have not had a chance to change any gear from before the patch, so more optimizations are needed now. I will be looking for a big 2-hander with Aether dominant damage specifically, and gear rolled with transfer time reduction and high dodge chance.

Gear screen shots -
**change to gems in rings/belt after patch - this is the only change to gear so far.

BUILD PLANNER copy/paste: #v2b2059_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

Key game info: , now on STEAM.
updated character sheet:
Ailment overview -
Gem overview -
original build (before the nerf):
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