Wolcen - 30 Million+ DMG Godly Mage Build! #1 New Patch Mage!

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Wolcen - 30 Million+ DMG Godly Mage Build! Hell Fire Explosion! Here is our latest mage build after the patch that nerfed Bleeding Edge & every other build!
Damage Summary at 10:10
Talent Link: (mattjestic-multigaming)
Discord Save File: Discord Save File Link:
(Save File Pinged In The Wolcen Tab in the Discord Chats)

We Love An ARPG's End Game and its time for end game Farming builds!
Everything you should know about Wolcen When Starting The Game!
The New Diablo 3 + POE ARPG is Out!
We Will Be Streaming, and Making Guides, Builds & Tips as We Go Through The Story & End Game With Daily Guides, Game-play and Tips!

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