Twerk 4 Change - Fire Congress

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" Twerk for Me TikTok Challenge - Fire Congress" - Clothing by: -
- @ShyPimp74 - I'm the female Dave Chappelle. The female Black Panther. Support Women in Comedy and a disabled veteran. Support Black Owned Businesses, Your Past can't be OUR Future, Stop Police Brutality, Vote for Equal Judicial Justice, End Segregation and Racism for good, End Racial Profiling by Police, Preparing Kids for Society and a whole lot more! Social Media Name "ShyPimp74": Twitter, IG, FB - #VoteForChange #FireCongress #Twerk4Me #TwerkForMe #Twerk4MeTikTok #TwerkForMeDanceChallenge #TwerkForMeTikTokChallenge #TwerkForMeChallenge
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