Tour of the Gila Stage 2 Circuit Race Presented by Project Echelon

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Project Echelon Racing is excited to create an opportunity for North American and International Men’s & Women’s Domestic Elite and Professional teams to connect during the Coronavirus pandemic (and beyond), to create a platform for our athletes to continue to compete and connect with cycling fans and our communities. Additionally, we hope the events will offer a unique opportunity for teams and athletes to create authentic content for their sponsors so that they may continue to support them during these difficult times.

Project Echelon, in collaboration with Zwift Community Live, will be hosting a Virtual Tour of the Gila, May 22-24. The event will be facilitated as a true stage race. Riders must take the start and complete each stage in order to be eligible for competition the following day. The Virtual Tour of Gila will feature a Team Time Trial, Circuit Race, and Epic KOM Queen Stage.
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