The Next Evolution of Minecraft

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Grian showcases minecraft RTX the ultimate minecraft shaders, a collaboration between Nvidia & Mojang.

Check out PCSpecialists website here to build your perfect RTX Rig:

This video was sponsored by Nvidia & PCSpecialist.

Instructions on how to play the Minecraft RTX Beta:
- Own a Windows 10 copy of Minecraft
- Have an RTX GPU installed
- Install the latest NVIDIA Drivers
- Install Xbox Insider Hub app on PC (available on windows store)
- Click on the ‘open box’ icon in the left sidebar nav
on the insider content screen you will see a beta available for Minecraft for Windows 10, click this & choose join
- A pop up will appear with 3 radio buttons, choose the one for ‘Minecraft RTX Beta’ & click Done
- Update Minecraft Windows 10 (If you have automatic updates on, this will happen automatically)
- Launch the game & head to the marketplace. Search ‘RTX’ to download a selection of free creator-built worlds
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