The Full Evolution Of Iron Man Suits

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Tony Stark’s Evolution Through the Evolution of His Suits
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Tony Stark might make you feel like he’s a cool exec with a heart of steel, but there’s a lot more going on underneath all that forced cool and playful banter. If you need any evidence of that, look at where he places all of his anxieties and worries, the designs of his suits. Throughout the MCU Iron Man’s suits have not only paralleled his development in the comic books but also paralleled his development as a human being. At first Tony’s heart is at stake, both metaphorically and literally as the Ten Rings set off an explosion that leaves shrapnel in his chest, creating the need for the Arc Reactor to save him. In that time he tries to find a way to go from Tony Stark to Iron Man in the smoothest fashion possible. If only it weren’t for interruptions like Whiplash, Loki and the Chitari, AIM and Adrian Killian with the Extremis project, Ultron, and Helmut Zemo all throwing his plans into disarray. Before Thanos arrived and assembled the Avengers against him, Tony’s journey was to go from the selfish industrialist to the kind of person that would throw himself on the grenade to save everyone else. The suit went from a malfunctioning piece of early tech to something that was an extension of him as he came to understand his new role as a superhero. On top of all that, there were some nice parallels with the suits of the comic books to give both fans a lot to enjoy. Let’s look at the evolution of the Iron Man suits and how Tony Stark evolved with them.


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