Reverence [FULL LEVEL] - upcoming EXTREME DEMON by Cybertron Me and more! | Geometry Dash 2.11

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What can I say? I just couldn't be happier with this outcome, everything fits perfect and so well together i cant find the right words for the work everyone put into this level I'm so thankful for everyone who even only placed one block in this level. The whole gameplay was made by Cybertron you should check him out -
And check out BySelling aswell, he polished some parts of the levrl and made transition effects -

The verification progress will start soon on Crazens channel, check him out aswell -

Parts in order:

EOTS, Toastedlord, Expy, EnZore, Mrclyde, BySelling, Lipz and Elegy, BlasterRobotz, Victorinoxx, Me, ViralDL, HyperBlastz, NaimNaro

Song - Wonderpunch by Xtrullor -
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