Race #8 Nürburgring – Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup 2021

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In every racing calendar, the Nürburgring is without a doubt a true highlight. That’s why we can‘t wait to see the world’s best simracers taking on the challenge of the Green Hell. What's more, the All-Stars will have to ask themselves: Are they courageous enough for this track? Follow the action live here. #NeverNotRacing #PESC #iRacing

Race Timetable:
5:35PM – 5:45PM UTC: Closed Qualifying (3 laps, 10 minutes)
5:45PM – 6:00PM UTC: Race #1 (15 minutes)
6:05PM – 6:10PM UTC: Warm-Up Race #2 (5 minutes)
6:10PM – 6:30PM UTC: Race #2 (20 minutes)
6:35PM – 6:45PM UTC: Post-Race Interviews (10 minutes)

6:45PM – 7:03PM UTC: Free Practice (18 minutes)
7:03PM – 7:15PM UTC: Closed Qualifying (3 laps, 12 minutes)
7:17PM – 7:32PM UTC: Sprint Race (3 laps)
7:35PM – 7:45PM UTC: Warm-Up (10 minutes)
7:45PM – 8:15PM UTC: Main Race (4 laps)
8:15PM – 8:30PM UTC: Post-Race Interviews (15 minutes)
8:30PM UTC: End of Broadcast
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