Paanch Najuk Bote - Old Classic Marathi Movies | Stg Uma, Arun Sarnaik, Dir by Vasant Painter

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Harassed by her step-mother, Mira comes to Mumbai. She lands in the clutches of the police due to an aunt. Constable Ram rescues her and eventually falls in love with her. But Ram is married with two kids. Ram has a twin brother Anand. He takes advantage of this situation and keeps Mira in the dark. But later it is revealed and Mira sacrifices her love. By then, Mira is pregnant. In the meanwhile, Mira's father comes to Mumbai looking out for her, after realizing his mistake. Anand sacrifices his love-interest and marries Mira, in order to make up for Ram's misdoings. Thus, this is a story of a helpless Mira and a cruel constable, who is in fact supposed to provide security to the society!

Cast & Credits:-
Cast: Uma Arun Sarnaik Chawan Yashwant
Director: Vasant Painter
Music: Datta Davjekar
Story: Baba Kadam
Genre: Social Drama

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TAMBDI MAATI: Stg Bhalji Pendharkar, Dada Kondke
MARATHA TITUKA MELWAWA: Stg Bhalji Pendharkar, Sulochana
AKASH GANGA: Stg Sulochana Suryakant Master Vithal Ramesh Dave Seema
SHILANGANACHE SONE: Stg Hansa Wadkar Shanta Apte Sulochana

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