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New CodeCamp Course for Newcomers
Two Weeks Basic JavaScript Course

Introduction (Class: 1)
What is Javascript?
A little history of JavaScript
What can we do with javaScript (Why JavaScript is Amazing)
How javascript code run (Javascript Engine)
Setting up Your Environment

Javascript Language Fundamentals (Class: 2/3)
javascript code syntax
Variables, Constants, Comments, Output system
Data Types in a nutshell
Primitive Data Types
Non-Primitive Data Types
Template Strings

Flow Control (Class: 2)
What is Control Flow?
Conditional Statements (if, else)
While loops
For Loops
Logical Operators
Comparison Operators / relational operators
Break & Continue
Switch Statements
Variables & Scope

Functions (Class: 2)
What are the Functions?
Declaring Function & Expressions
Arguments & Parameters
Arrow Functions
Higher-Order Functions
Default Parameters
Functions vs Methods
Callback functions

Object (Class: 1)
What is an Object?
Object, Properties, Methods
'this' Keyword
Objects in Arrays
Math object

Array Methods (Class: 1)
Basic Array
Array Methods
DOM (Document Object Model) (Class: 1)
What is the Document Object Model?
The Query Selector
Adding and changing Attributes
Adding CSS Styles
Basic Events
Creating & Removing Elements

Let's build something (Class: )
Creating a temperature converter
Todo app
Basic form validation

Next Steps (Class: )
Next steps/ Wrap Up (Bonus lecture)

Starting on 10 Feb 2021 at 09:00 PM
Course Fee: 1500 BDT

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