Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Review!

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Taking a beloved IP and slapping ": The Board Game" to the end of it is a sure fire way to get people to pay attention, but it also means you're up to bat to capture that IP and do it justice.

Can Steamforged Games do that with Monster Hunter World: The Board Game?

Well not to spoil anything, but I did fight some giant monsters, so we're at least off to a good start.


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Intro 0:00
Into The AM 1:07
Captures IP well 2:05
Minis are nice 3:45
Rulebook missing key points 5:01
Exploration is fun 8:55
Card play is enjoyable 11:26
Hunter Decks play differently 14:01
Player board is too small 16:17
Time cards lack variety 18:15
Monster fights aren't very different 21:40
Symbol heavy 24:37
Back of behavior card is nice 27:13
Very swingy combat 28:27
Broken body part 34:18
Loot tables are awesome 35:56
Crafting is super rewarding 36:57
Meaningful upgrades 38:51
Writing stuff down 40:36
Everything is too dark 42:31
Summary 43:32
Pros/Cons 46:02
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