Model Y Ground Clearance and RWD Confirmed? Prepare for Delivery!

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Thanks to @SeasonedTech on Twitter, we have a confirmed measurement of the Ground Clearance on the Model Y! It looks like it will be 7" which is a great improvement on the Model 3.

Model Y Delivery Survey:

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Tesla's Model Y is starting deliveries in March, and customers have been receiving emails to schedule their deliveries. Then customers who hadn't received emails yet noticed that their account now says "Prepare for Delivery". Unfortunatley, this isn't a sign of anything regarding delivery. It's getting close, but it seems that every single Model Y order received this message.

RWD orders also received this message which could be a good sign that Tesla with make the RWD Model Y, but not a 100% confirmation.

Then we got the ground clearance measured with a water bottle that confirmed a 7" Model Y ground clearance.

The Model Y Delivery Survey shows us that the Model Y AWD with 19 inch wheels, Model Y AWD with 20 inch wheels and Performance Model Y have all gotten notifications about delivery. There seems to be no true pattern that we can trace here other than a delay on the white interior, 7 seater, and RWD.

Can't wait to get my Model Y, so make sure you're subscribed to see when I get mine!
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