Journalist Caught in Gun Battle Between Chicago Cops, Looters

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When I turned the corner looters started coming out of the Billy Goat restaurant and an adjoining liquor store, the looters were in their trying to get into the ATM in the liquor store about 30 seconds later the cops showed up and about 5 looters darted out of the store cops tried to grab them but they were very young and very fast they escaped the scene I got out of the car to film the damage when the shooting started, it is still very sketchy to as to what happened here now I was out since Friday evening covering the shootings and in three days I had only 10 hours sleep I was emotionally and physically bankrupt and running on fumes
it is in question if it was a person firing shots in one of the two passing cars or they came from around the corner it happened so quick, the looters could possibly be the shooters because they were chased out of the store before they could get the ATM emptied and they did run south east and less then a minute later they opened fire and cops returned fire and one of the CPD SUVs was hit in the rear window about 10 feet from where I was standing and filming luckily no one was hit, and it is unclear when cops returned fire if they hit the shooter, we will have to wait and see this was a brazen attack on cops this fire fight truly was an adrenaline packed experience and I got a little personal taste of what its like to be a cop on the Bloody streets of Chicago I had enough so I went home to bed Maggio News signing off
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