How to make MT in NBA 2K20! Make 100K MT in 1 HOUR! Best MT making METHODS! (NBA 2K20 MYTEAM)

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Thank you guys for watching this NBA 2K20 MyTeam video where I show you guys some new MT making methods that I use all the time to get make an extra 100K MT per hour when I need some more MT! I start off this video by doing a Token Market Pack Opening just to fill my collects with stuff like cards, jerseys, balls, contracts and more. I wasn't actaully able to get any nice pulls after spending 500 Tokens but that doesn't matter. After we do they I give you guys the method on how tio make MT. I used this method recently today to buy the new Galaxy Opal Steph Curry from the 2K20 Auction House from the Buzzer Beater collection set!I talk about selling all your cards that you don't want if your not collecting cards for Galaxy Opal Dwyane Wade and Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis! We also talk about sending certain things to the Auction House and what you may as well just quicksell! After I did this for about an hour I was able to make 120K MT! I then used that MT to open some more of the Buzzer Beater packs to try and get a Galaxy Opal pull. I wasn't able to but on my last pack I did get a Pink Diamond pull and I was also able to get a Diamond pull as well! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K20 MyTeam How to make MT method video!

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