How to make a template frame for monoprinting (acrylic & oil paint)

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How to create a clean border for artwork with simple frame template.

Size of the artwork " × 7" (inches)
Border width 3/4" inch.

Part 1 : Making the template

Part 2 : Apply acrylic and oil paint (monoprint)

I've been asked about the cardboard frames I use in some of the demos so thought I'd create this quick demo to show how easy and convenient they are to make. Use recycled card and keep a few of various sizes.

I always like to present my work with a border, its useful for signing and dating, handling when the work is still wet but most of all it just adds that finishing touch.

I used to create a border in the conventional way by simply fixing the work on all sides with masking tape, this uses so much tape and it can often leave marks on the surface of the paper and when used with oil paint it is messy to remove.

You will need :

Cardboard, Parcel tape (the plastic type), Craft knife, pencil.

Note : This frame is ideal to use with oil paint or acrylic, but will not work with watercolour as the paint would leak underneath the frame.

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