Hollow Knight ► Fyremoth Mod Update #1

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This weekend, I'm streaming some of the progress our team has made on Fyremoth. The skin itself is just about completed, save a couple ability tweaks I might make in the future.

In this update, we're taking a look at a new element of damage known as BURN, and how some of the added charms are expected to synergize with this damage. We're also looking at a few minor changes made to the game's base dialogue.

Additional changes planned:
► Added questlines & dialogue
► New spells, charms, etc.
► Custom SFX & music
► General damage balancing

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Team Fyremoth
► Rusty (art, spritework, etc.)
► RedFrog, Cjaro & Mandar1jn (programming)

This mod does not currently have a release date.
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