Guitar Builder Challenge! How to make a custom guitar in 9 Hours, non-stop - part 1 of 5

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Welcome to Crimson Guitars. We are revisiting the 9 Hour Build, where Ben Crowe, our master luther, challenged In this series we learn How To Build a Guitar in just 9 hours and on one day, without stopping!

The original series was filmed and edited as close to live as possible which made for rather boring viewing, this edit, we hope, will prove to be both entertaining and educational.

In the meantime Ben is using the time gained to film several all new series for your delight and ;) Please make yourself a cuppa and get nice and comfy, as we see what fun we have in store for you this year!

Birmingham Guitar Show: February 29th - March 1st 2020
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Maker's Central: May 2nd - May 3rd 2020
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Stay tuned and stay awesome!
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