GREATWIZARD 5 ???? WoW Classic Mage PvP

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this one took a while to make - I really hope you do enjoy it.
Let me present you GREATWIZARD 5, a WoW Classic Mage PvP video.

This movie contains the following:
00:00 Intro / Highlights
03:10 BGs / World PvP
08:15 Mage vs Rogue (Neidrah)
10:20 World PvP
11:45 Mage vs Shadow Priest (Yolam)
14:30 BGs / World PvP
19:55 Mage vs Shaman (Xargodele)
22:40 Outro

Most of the clips were recorded during P4/5, with a couple from P6. I’m running Deep Frost Spec in all of the clips.

???? Spec:

⚔️ Mage Gear:
3/6 Warlord’s Regalia
8/8 Netherwind Regalia
Azuresong Mageblade

+ Bunch of trinkets and gadgets, such as: Mind Quickening Gem, The Burrower’s Shell, Arena Grand Master, Reflectors, Goblin Rocket Helmet, Gnomish Mind Control Cap,

I normally use full T2, but when I have helmets equipped I put on 2 pieces of R12 gear.

❓ How to get my font:

This will most likely be my last WoW Classic PvP video. I will continue uploading short clips but don’t think I will have the strength for a big project like this again. But of course, I will return for TBC Classic :)

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