Friday Night Funkin' - Monster but everytime it's Lemon Demon turn a Different Skin Mod is used

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Hello, in this video you will see many different skin mods that change when the lemon demon's turn. This time the Monster track.
I collected the best Friday Night Funkin mods and combined them in one video and used a bot to sync. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

FNF game: ​​
Bot link: ​​​
Whitty mod:

Mods used in this video:
Color Sync Mod
Corrupted Monster
file p (Asriel as GF and recolours)
FNF Cartoon Cat as Monster (beta v2)
FNF x Apex Legends
FNF x the world of references (WIP)
Friday Night Funkin' Minus (MINUS MOM & BF SKINS)
Friday night funkin, but bad
Friday Night Polin'
FNF Clay Mod
Lil' Boi Funk! Slime rancher FNF Mod
No Arms Mod
Object Camp Funkin'
Super Paper Mario Modpack
Temporary Funkin' Attendant: The Mod
TF2 but it's in FNF
Undertale gaster mod friday night funkin
Withered Bonnie FNaF Mod
Monster does the Spooky Dance

Thanks for watching
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