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Thank you guys for watching this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Locker code and Triple Threat Online video with the new 99 overall Galaxy Opal Steph Curry rfom the Warriors! I was able to buy this new Galaxy Opal Curry from the 2K20 Auction House for around 300K MT and I really wanted to get some Galaxy Opal Steph Curry gameplay in the Triple Threat Online mode! We check out Currys stats and HoF Badges and build a Triple Threat Trio with Galaxy Opal Steph Curry, Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant and the All Star Moments Pink Diaond Giannis! We jump into the first game of TTO and get matched with a full Diamond squad and this game was really close! Steph Curry was raining threes but our opponent had the Glitched Diamond JR Smith who kept answering! It came down to the final shot but I was able to win game 1! We then get some free Tokens from our first TTO board before jumping into the 2K20 Locker code! This new Locker code is a code that have got before where you get a guaranteed All Star pack! You can either get the All Star Flash pack with cards like Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan, Galaxy Opal Vince Carter, Pink Diamond Steve Nash or the Glitched Pink Diamond LeBron james who can play PointGuard! Or, you can get the All Star Moments pack which is filled with cards of the winners over the 2020 NBA All Star Weekend like Pink Diamond Giannis, Pink Diamond Kawhi, Pink Diamond Chris Paul, Pink Diamond Aaron Gordon, Pink Diamond Buddy Hield, Diamond Bam, Diamond Derrick Jones Jr and more! I was able to land the free Flash pack which is what I wanted! We jump into some more games of Triple Threat Online with our new Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry and he played so good! We got matched up against cards like Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony, Glitched Diamond Ben Simmons Locker code card and more great cards but this Opal Curry was too good! We were raining threes from everywhere and even getting up for some dunks! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Locker code and Triple Threat Online video with the 99 overall new Galaxy Opal Steph Curry!

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