FAMiLY GAME SHOW!! 5 challenges! Play as a team to WiN a SURPRiSE! and making a backyard bug house

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Best Game Day Ever 1124

Did you guys know that Adley dresses like a princess almost everyday. Today we get up extra early so she can look like her favorite Disney princess and we add to our morning routine by doing Adley’s makeup very first, even before we eat cereal.

While eating, we come up with the plan of going out into the backyard and doing some early morning bug hunting! It’s been a long time since Adley and I have done that and this time we decide that we are going to make little homes for our bugs to live. We get leaves for beds and sticks as swing, even grass to eat and lay on. These are amazing bug houses!!

Once everyone is awake at our house, I have an extra special surprise for the family. I’m the only one that knows about it so I came up with a brand new game for us to play in order to surprise the family with a brand new LG OLED tv. They have to put together a puzzle, play red light green light, even some trivia question. It’s all for fun because I want to teach the family about this great TV that was given to us by LG. They really hooked it up for this video and huge thanks for them sponsoring this video and family surprise.

After beating the game, we unbox this ultra thin tv and ,with a little help, mount it in mine and Jenny’s room. We end this best day ever in one of the best ways, cuddled up as a family watching vlogs and A for Adley on our new, amazing LG tv!!

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