Family Game Morning! Play & Review new games with Mom & Dad! Adley sleep darts parents won’t wakeup

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WHO will be the morning game master of our family?? ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome back to another fun Video!! Today I was really excited to play games with my family so I woke up extra early so I could clean the toy room so we would have room to play!! After it was all clean I went and found my parents and told them I was ready! I gathered all the new games upstairs and told my mom and dad that they needed to blindfold me so that I could be surprised at which game we were going to play! While blindfolded I started to roam around the room and I bumped into the new game Plumber Pants! This game was so fun! We had to put tools on the plumber's belt without him noticing but if we put too many tools he broke the sink and then water would squirt everywhere! After we played that for a while, we then decided to pick out another game! We then picked connect 4 but with nerf blasters!! It was so fun!! We got to pick what blasters we wanted and then we would race to see who could shoot out the right colors to get 4 tiles in a row! I recommend this game for everyone, but be careful of the nerf bullets they will put you asleep!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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