Elektron Model:Cycles FM (Frequency Modulation) Groovebox

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Newest in Elektron's Model series, the Model:Cycles is a six-track groovebox based on FM synthesis techniques. Model:Cycles is now available for order here:

Model:Cycles provides six tracks of sequencing, each of which control an independent synthesis "Machine." The Machines are different synthesis algorithms tailored toward the creation of specific types of sounds, called Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Chord, and Tone. These Machines take much of the guesswork out of the notoriously difficult task of sculpting good FM tones—instead of having do dive into the weeds of FM algorithms and indices, the Machines provide four straightforward parameters each for varying their sound. Each track can use any of these Machines—and since all of the most important parameters can be parameter locked with the integrated sequencer, it becomes possible to create intricate arrangements with rhythmically evolving tones.

Great for everything from clangorous digital rhythms to big, washy chords and warm, growling bass lines, the Model:Cycles presents FM in a more approachable way than ever before.

Model:Cycles available here:

Read more about Model:Cycles here:

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