(DDLC Mod) Monika and Yuri Kidnap MC 4

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This isn't an April Fools joke. I was supposed to release this mod a day earlier, but I, unfortunately, ran out of time. This is most likely my last Doki Doki Literature Club mod ever. If there's another DDLC video, it'll be about moving on from it. Thank you so much for these two amazing years ^^! This truly has been an amazing time and I will always consider this a milestone in my life. I've been dreaming about being a Youtuber that people actually watch since 2013 and seeing it happen just meant so much to me and it still does. I would love to continue making videos and I most likely will one day, but I need to find "my thing" again. It's been Doki Doki for the last two years, but now, I believe I shall move on. Again, thank you :)!

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Doki Doki Literature Club was not made by me. This is just a modification of the original game. You can find the original game here:

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