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Costume Kingdom is a monster collecting game where you battle it out in turn based gameplay. You take control of the player Rain and your goal is to win the Apex Cup to ultimately save Halloween. The story of Costume Kingdom is not one with a lot of depth but being that it clocks in at about 3 hours long it doesnt give to much time tell an engaging story. While it may not have a strong story I can still say it told a coherent one that I found easy to follow through my journey in monkchester. My challenges with the story though do revolve around Rain having little to no personality and the npcs in the world being forgettable. The story of Costume Kingdom is its weakest point but could the gameplay be the silver lining?

The gameplay is costume kingdoms saving grace as it has you collect hollowmon and battle it out in a turn based fashion. Each hollowmon has its own elemental affinity and naturally elemental weakness as well. They are able to learn a total of 4 abilities and a level cap of 20. In addition to collecting and battling with your hollowmon you are also able to use them to get past obstacles. Another gameplay mechanic is the ability to trick or treat door to door and when doing so you are greeted with a trick which results in a battle or treat which results in candy this is the currency of costume kingdom. You also have the ability to fish, while simple has its place when trying to collect candy. My challenges with the gameplay do exist as traversing with Rain does not handle smoothly. I find the camera to be another point of frustration as you are unable to move the camera angle to get a better look at the world around you. This wouldnt be as frustrating if The map wasnt non existent when trying to navigate past the already difficult camera angles and even when accessing the map which is inconveniently placed there is no marker to indicate your location as well as no changes to objectives on the map after completion. Navigating menus was another difficulty with a delay at time in cursor movement which at a point did result in me exiting to the menu and finding out there isnt a consistent auto save function sending me back nearly 20 minutes in my progression. This is a non negotiable in 2020 where autosaves happen every minute in most games. But how does the presentation fair?

Costume kingdom has some redeeming qualities when it comes to its presentation. The in battle menus look good and function as you would expect in a turn based video game. The graphics fit with the theme of the game and the aesthetic speaks Holloween in everyway. Being in monkchester it truly captured the setting that it is aiming for. My challenges with the overall presentation were that the hollowmon looked generic not eye catching or unique. This was a disappointment as there were what I could see 10 hollowmon in total. I would have liked to see more variety in the color palette for the game although it could be argued that that was the desired effect as the game is themed around halloween meaning orange and black. As we all know no game is complete without an awesome sound track and how does Costume Kingdom fair in that department?

The music in costume kingdom is actually quite good and is the only case where I don't have any major complaints. Aside from some of the sfx not being the most pleasant sound to the ears the overall audio in the game gets the job done adequately.

So what about the content? Does this game have enough content to get me your moneys worth?

Costume Kingdom has enough content considering the reasonable asking price of $10. You have the main quests which are few but you also have side quests which leaves you with plenty to do as well as unlocking running shoes, attractions and of course costumes as well as hollowmon.


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