Classic WoW Warrior MasterClass | Leveling, PvE, PvP, Talents, Gear, Theorycraft, Rotations, & More

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Greetings, everyone and welcome to a project that I am very proud to present: The Classic WoW Warrior MasterClass. In this video, my world-class Warrior guests, Kigo, Moxx, and Bel, will throw down some serious knowledge on Leveling, PvE, PvP, DPS, Tanking, Talents, Gear, Theorycrafting, Rotations, Farming, Addons, Macros, Buffs, Consumables and so much more! This is a long guide so make sure to use the timestamps in a pinned comment below! Strap in and enjoy the ride!

0:00 - Introduction
1:20 – Instructor Introductions
3:19 – Faction/Race Selection
13:23 – Leveling as a Warrior
42:37 – Stats & Theorycrafting
1:03:14 – Consumables & Buffs
1:19:46 – DPS PvE Talents
1:31:16 – Tanking PvE Talents
1:44:46 – DPS Pre-Raid BIS
2:04:27 – Tanking Pre-Raid BIS
2:10:37 – Dungeon BIS
2:11:39 – DPS Raid Itemization
2:32:31 – Tanking Raid Itemization
2:39:36 – Gear Planning
2:41:28 – Enchants
2:47:39 – DPS Rotation
3:02:52 – Tanking Rotation
3:11:51 – Using PvP Gear in Raids
3:17:26 – Warrior PvP Overview & Builds
3:30:43 – Warrior PvP Roles & Tips
3:40:33 – PvP Items from Raids
3:42:02 – Farming as a Warrior
3:46:24 – Addons & Macros
3:56:22 – Tools & Resources

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