Bloxburg : 10 Building Baby Hacks [Before 0.9.0 Update]

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10 Cute Bloxburg Building Baby Hacks! I'm abit late but these hacks are still cute and usable ^_^


Hello and welcome back to my channel! Thank you everyone for patiently waiting for my new Bloxburg building hacks. Sadly, I made the baby hacks before update came, and now there are tons of new cute baby items in the game. Thank you Coeptus and FroggyHopz for this cute update! But don't worry, these baby hacks are still usable and decorative for your baby rooms. I tested it out with the baby character model and surprisingly they all look cute together. The bed/crib might not work well with it but it does with teens/adult character model, which is still usable and decorative for your rooms. Don't worry, I will still make new hacks with the new update. Stay tuned! ♥

☆ Description ☆

Here's a list of the custom furniture I made :

1. Elegant Crib
2. Elegant High Chair
3. Kids Rocking Chair
4. Character Bed
5. Doll House Shelves
6. Large Alphabet Blocks
7. Custom Toy Shelves
8. Character Table Mat
9. Simple Crib with Safety Door
10. Surprise Box

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☆ Credits & Special Thanks ☆

๑ FloatRoblox : Animal Hacks ๑

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ Link to his tutorial video :
FloatRoblox Youtube channel :
FloatRoblox Twitter : @floatrblx

๑ Phoeberry : Doll House Idea ๑

-- Link to her doll house video :
Phoeberry Youtube channel :
Phoeberry Twitter :

๑ Nola Rattie - Cribs / Beds ๑

Nola Rattie Youtube channel :
Nola Rattie Instagram :

Thank you so much for your great ideas!~ ^_^


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☆ Chapters ☆

0:00 Intro & Showcase
0:14 Showcase
0:34 Information
1:02 Elegant Crib
6:43 Elegant High Chair
9:53 Kids Rocking Chair
14:18 Character Bed
19:23 Doll House Shelves
22:41 Large Alphabet Blocks
26:14 Custom Toy Shelves
30:32 Character Table Mat
33:29 Simple Crib with Safety Door
35:45 Surprise Box
38:56 Last Showcase


☆ Most Frequently Asked Questions ☆

Q. Where can I find your decal codes?
A. I have opened my Roblox inventory so everyone can see and use them. Please make sure that you're following my main account "Yumekookie" and alternative account "Yumekochu" for you to be able to view the decals. Don't forget to give credits ♥

Decal Video Tutorial :

Q. Some of your decals are not listed, why?
A. Some of the decals that are not listed on my inventory because I'm using Roblox Decal Library Keywords : Tokyo, Ads, Anime, Food, Pastel, Aesthetic, Poster, Cute, Wallpaper

Q. What video recorder and editor are you using to edit your videos?
A. I use Nvidia Shadowplay on recording videos and I use Adobe Premiere and Filmora for editing.

Q. How do you earn money in Bloxburg so fast?
A. I do pizza delivery in-game when I have free time and my job level is 47.


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