'Baby Ken Doll' Spends $75K Building His Perfect Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

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A YOUNG man in Charlotte, North Carolina was only 15 years old when he got his first ever cosmetic procedure. Tyler Dyvig got hooked on changing his look at such a young age and loved being the centre of attention as he showcased his new looks. One main reason why Tyler started getting work done at such a young age is because he would hear his Mum’s dermatologist recommend that if you start at a young age, it would help break down the muscle, and once that muscle breaks down, you won’t get wrinkles. To date, Tyler has spent about $75,000 on procedures and had multiple rounds of laser treatments, bicep implants, buttock augmentation, his chin and jaw done three times, his lips done three times a year and will soon get a hair transplant.

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Videographer / Director: Heath Franklin
Producer: Dav Rich, James Thorne
Editor: Helen Mckee

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