Andalucía Bike Race 2020 | Stage 2

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Rabensteiner and Galicia prevail in Stage 2 of Andalucía Bike Race 2020 and are the new leaders, in a stage with four ascents, the two winners have entered the finish line alone -

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The Italian Fabian Rabensteiner (Team Trek - Pirelli) has shown that Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaen arrives very strong and has imposed itself alone in Stage 2, the first marathon stage. Second is Daniel Geismayr (Team Centurion - Vaude) and third Leandre Bouchard (Pivot Cycles - OTE) after a final sprint in a group of five pursuers. In the female category, the same tonic. Clàudia Galicia (Megamo Factory Team) has set a great pace since the beginning and has entered the finish line alone. They have been followed, at a distance, by Katazina Sosna (Torpado-Südtirol MTB Pro Team) and Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team).

The second stage of this tenth edition presented a route of kilometers and 2,190 meters of positive slope, with four ascents and descents highlighted and very diverse by the Sierra Mágina. And it has not disappointed. The bikers have imposed a very high pace from the beginning and all highlighted the great level that was in the front groups, with a very stretched squad that returned to enjoy a perfect climate and unique trails.

The leading group squeezed a very high pace and soon bikers of the likes of Fabian Rabensteiner, Daniel Geismayr, Leandre Bouchard, Hans Becking (DMT Racing Team By Marconi Project's) Tiago Ferreira (DMT Racing Team By Marconi Project's) or Francesco Failli were grouped together (AD Cicli Taddei), the leader until today after winning the Flash Stage. The exchanges in the front positions were constant in the first two ascents and descents, until at kilometer 40, after the longest climb of the day at Almadén peak located in the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, Rabensteiner was seen with strength and attacked leaving The rest behind.

As if it were a time trial, the Italian did not loosen and although he had a fall in the last descent without major consequences, he won alone at the finish line located in the Salobreja Sports Complex with almost two minutes of margin. An advantage that has served to sheath the leader's jersey. Also suffered a fall without consequences the three-time winner of the test, Tiago Ferreria, who reached the goal two minutes from the chasing group.

In the female category, the test has followed a very similar trend. The Catalan Clàudia Galicia left determined to impose its rhythm and prevailed with a clear superiority. In the beginning, a group was formed that has been stretching since the first climb. In the passage through kilometer 20, Mariske Strauss (CST Postnl Bafang Mtb Racing Team) and Galicia rolled in the lead, but in 30 the Megamo cyclist put one more gear and went in search of the stage and the leadership in the general. Behind, Katazina Sosna and Eva Lechner arrived together at the finish line after letting Clàudia Galicia go. They preferred to keep their pace considering that there are still four marathon stages to play.

Stage classification:

STAGE 2 - The male

1- Fabian Rabensteiner (Team Trek – Pirelli) 03:01:36
2- Daniel Geismayr (Team Centurion – Vaude) 03:03:33
3- Leandre Bouchard (Pivot Cycles – OTE) 03:03:34

General ranking

1- Fabian Rabensteiner (Team Trek – Pirelli) 04:03:06
2- Francesco Failli (ASD CICLI TADDEI) 04:04:47
3- Ben Zwiehoff (Team Centurion – Vaude) 04:05:16

STAGE 2 - Female

1- Clàudia Galícia (Megamo Factory Team) 03:35:20
2- Katazina Sosna (Torpado-Südtirol MTB Pro Team) 03:39:41
3- Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team) 03:39:41

General ranking

1- Clàudia Galicia (Megamo Factory Team) 04:54:28
2- Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team) 04:57:09
3- Lea Davison (USA) Cycling and Team Twenty20) 04:58:36

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