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Thank you guys for watching this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Locker code video where I show you guys 9 active free Locker code that you can type in right now! Some of these 2K20 Locker code expire tomorrow, some expire in one week and some of these Locker codes 2K20 never expire but you should jump on your account as soon as possible and get these awesome free rewards! There are free rewards like free MT, free Tokens, free packs and even some free cards! The first Locker code we look at is the MyTeam Community Hub where you can get some free Reward Tokens for answering the quaestion, Who is your fav player from the Prime Series 2 Galaxy Opal Kevin Duarnt Collection set. It doesn't matter who you pick you willget the free 2 Tokens! The next 3 Locker codes are codes that never expire were you can make some MT, Tokens, packs and even get a free evo player! We thwen jump back to the Kobe Locker code. This Kobe Bryant Locker code is a code where you can get a guarateed Kobe pack! This reward for this Locker code is still not in the game but the code never expires and it should hopfully be fixed soon. We also have the free KD Locker code where you have to log into your account and you will be rewarded with a free Prime Series 2 KD pack! You have the chance at a Galaxy Opal pull or a Pink Diamond pull! Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, Pink Diamond Russell Westbrook and Pink Diamond Klay Thompson are in these packs! The next Locker code is an All Star Locker code for another free pack. It can either be an All Star Flash pack where you can possibly get Galaxy Opal MJ, Galaxy Opal Vince Carter or Pink Diamond LeBron james. The other pack is an All Star Moments packs with cards like Pink Diamond Giannis, Pink Diamod Kawhi for winning the Kobe Bryant All Star MVP in the 2020 NBA All Star game, Pink Diamond Chris Paul, Pink Diamond Aaron Gordon and more! The next Locker code is a Dwyane Wade Locker code for another pack! It can be a Prime Series2 pack or Dwyane Wade Spotlight Series pack. You have a chance at getting Pink Diamond Dwyane Wade, Pink Diamond Shaq, Pink Diamond Jimmy Butler and more! And the final Locker code for this video is a another All Star Locker code for another free pack! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Locker code video where I show you guys 9 free Locker codes yiou can use right now!

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